Environmental translation

The environment touches every aspect of our lives, so naturally, environmental translation covers a broad range of documents – from environmental impact assessments, research reports and laws and regulations to CSR reports, internal guidelines and technical specifications. This requires knowledge of the technical, legal and scientific facets of environmental texts.

Aside from my experience translating national environment laws, tender documentation for major renewables projects and a variety of other assessments, reports and guidelines, you also benefit from my work experience running a local renewable energy cooperative, including giving talks on solar energy as well as on climate science and policy.



Technical translation

Technical translation presents unique challenges. As a client, you want to be sure your specifications, manuals or product offers are perfectly correct, down to the tiniest nuts and bolts.

Given the wide variety of equipment, technologies and infrastructure in the world, not to mention that new ones are arising all the time, a technical translator must have the dedication and wherewithal to conduct meticulous research on every term and part. This may involve scouring the internet for manuals, blueprints and catalogues, or learning entirely new technologies for a specific document. Occasionally, it even requires coining new terms in the target language for novel devices or concepts developed in the source language.

The end result is a document that conveys your technology or message with absolute precision, down to the smallest detail.

IT translation

The language of IT is novel and innovative. With new concepts and technologies constantly coming into vogue and falling out of favour, an IT translator must be nimble and ready to research innovations at the drop of a hat. 

Preferred terminology can also vary widely from one provider or system to the next. One platform’s ‘privileges’ may be another’s ‘user rights’ or ‘permissions’. On top of this, other languages readily borrow English terms, but sometimes with shifting uses and meanings. Navigating these ins-and-outs is vital to producing effective communication and documents that achieve your goals.


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